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Summerset II Newsletter Article
By Jeanne Dean - Brentwood, CA
February, 2011

Witty, charismatic, professional, pleasant and respectful describe a few of the qualities demonstrated by our own Ray Carter. He is an ordained minister, officiating at weddings (including several recent marriages performed at the Nine’s Wedgewood Banquet Facility), funerals and celebrations of life. He was raised in a small Missouri town where he attended, and was baptised in, a Christian church.

Many of us know Ray as a gregarious host, writer, singer, moderator, and the husband of Karen. Ray is semi-retired and, in addition to his ministerial activities, he works as a free-lance writer. He has written primarily for the Brentwood Press for the past ten years writing articles about various local and regional events, business and personal profiles and advertorials.

He also serves as webmaster for National Vapor Industries in Livermore. He occasionally functions as a moderator and host.

Ray is a past board member and secretary of Delta Memorial Hospital Foundation; past president and founder of Summerset II’s computer club; a past board member of Delta Community Services, Inc, a non-profit senior services referral agency; and past Brentwood City representative to the Contra Costa County Council on Aging and the East County Senior Coalition. Ray also served as president of the local Lions Club in 2000.

He is a current member of the American Legion, Planetary Society, Summerset Singers Choir and Sons in Retirement. Ray’s hobbies include Karaoke (at least once a week), internet research, digital photography, participating in the Summerset Singers chorus, travel and taking part in Summerset social activities. Karen and he enjoy cruises (he particularly liked the Alaskan cruise); they travel to Puerto Vallarta every two years where they have a time-share.

Born and raised in Carthage, Missouri, Ray was educated in public schools. He was raised as a single child (although he has three half-brothers who lived elsewhere). His ancestry is Scottish and Irish mixed with English and German. His father was a marble cutter/polisher. Carthage had a class “A” marble quarry.

Ray learned to work hard at an early age. He was taught to be independent. He went into the workforce immediately upon graduation from high school. He did not obtain his college degree until 2004, when he went on-line with Alameda College and University earning a degree in Business Administration with a minor in English.

He reports his most satisfying work experience was the success he enjoyed in the business world. He worked very hard putting in long hours and was pleased when he was promoted to Vice President of Operations for Business Assistance Group, a consulting firm with operations throughout North America.

He married his first wife, Bettie, in 1956 at the age of 21. They had two children and were married for 16 years. His second marriage lasted a brief six years. After moving into Summerset as a single man, he met, fell in love with and married Karen. “Third time is the charm”, he quips. He has two children, and three grandchildren. Karen has four children and six grandchildren.

Ray is a karaoke contest winner. He sings bass with the Summerset Singers and enjoys the camaraderie and contributing to chorus harmony. Karen and he love to entertain and absolutely enjoy being with family and all of their friends in each Summerset subdivison.

Following twenty-five years of service as a business analyst, writer, and business management consultant, Ray retired from his position as Vice President of Operations in 1991 at the age of 55. He moved to Discovery Bay where he lived on the water. For the next 10 years, he occupied himself relaxing, boating and participating in charitable activities.

He built several models during this time and still has the model of the Cutty Sark clipper ship. When he sold his home in Discovery Bay he moved to Summerset II and has enjoyed every minute here. He loves Summerset. “It was the best move I ever made” he reports. In summary Ray says to Summerset, “Thanks for the Memories and for all those memories still to come.”


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