WEdding Services

Potential brides and grooms often wonder what my wedding services consist of. These questions are answered below by the listing that captures the various elements I perform before, during and after a typical wedding service. All of the activities shown below are included in my ceremony fee.


  • I meet with the bride and, hopefully the groom and other wedding participants, to determine what the wedding party will consist of, the venue for the service, the names of the family members, wedding party participants and their roles during the ceremony. I ascertain my ceremony clothing requirements, whether the ceremony will be formal or casual, include musician performances, etc.

  • I provide the bride and groom with an eBook of wedding ceremony options they can use to determine what their unique service will consist of. By selecting from these options, a sequence can be constructed that will provide the details of the ceremony.

  • Next, we talk about what special ideas or ceremony options the bride and groom, or other wedding party participants, would like to see added to the eBook options already selected.

  • I then construct the ceremony using all of the necessary options decided upon and arrange these options to provide a smooth ceremony flow The construction of the ceremony is then approved by the bride and groom resulting in a unique ceremony that completely satisfies their wishes.


  • Conducted as required. Usually, the venue director or wedding planner will conduct the rehearsal and may or may not require my services as part of the rehearsal procedure. I make myself available for the rehearsal on as as-needed basis and can conduct the rehearsal if required.


  • Prior to the ceremony, I inspect the Marriage License to make sure it is still valid.

  • I conduct the ceremony leading the bride and groom, family members and others through their parts of the ceremony making sure every action and statement flows as required, ending with the pronouncement of marriage, a final prayer and the introduction of the newly married couple to family and friends.


  • I am available for photographs with the bride and groom and/or wedding party.

  • I complete the Marriage License, obtain the signature of witnesses and complete a decorative Marriage Certificate, witnessed and suitable for framing.

  • I provide the bride and groom with a final copy of the ceremony in a three-ring binder that includes the decorative Marriage Certificate, a copy of the completed Marriage License and a final letter from me giving instructions for obtaining a certified copy of the Marriage License needed for presentation to the Social Security Administration and other agencies who may need evidence supporting a name change for the bride.

  • Finally, I mail the completed Marriage License to the appropriate county agency in order to record the marriage as legally performed according to California statutes.


  • I am available as needed to provide a prayer at the wedding reception prior to food service. The bride and groom may request that I participate in the reception, partake of food and drink but, that is not a requirement of my services.


  • My typical fee for wedding services is covered as part of the charges levied by the venue or wedding planner. I normally provide services anywhere in the far East San Francisco Bay area. Outside of this area, bounded by Pittsburg/Bay Point and Discovery Bay/Bethel Island, I charge 25 cents per round-trip mile.

Please address any questions to the email address or phone number(s) shown on the Contact page of this website.


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